General overview


The Egide Group has a significant manufacturing base structured around three sites: Egide SA in Bollène (France), Egide USA in Cambridge (Maryland, USA) and Santier in San Diego (California, USA).

In the three production sites, Egide has the following equipment and machinery:

  • two ceramic casting rooms with atmospheric control equipment,
  • two class 10,000 clean rooms containing equipment for greenline HTCC Processing; machines to punch out vias and windows, machines for filling the vias, machines for screen printing conductors and open-vias, presses, and an automatic cutter,
  • glass beads manufacturing equipment,-debind ovens ,
  • ovens for high temperature (1,600°) sintering of ceramics and molded components ,
  • computer controlled diamond saws,
  • machines for edge screen printing,
  • ovens for vacuum soldering ,
  • conveyor kilns for atmosphere-controlled soldering (medium and high temperature),
  • conveyor kilns for hermetic sealing with glass beads,
  • manually-operated or computer controlled electroplating installations ,
  • machines for verifying hermetic sealing,-Several graphite machining centers,
  • several metal machining centers,
  • several instruments for verifying visual and dimensional characteristics (including a 3D gauge),
  • a wire bonder (cabling facility),
  • thermal cycling machines.