Quality and Testing


Throughout the Egide Group we are committed to deliver high quality solutions which meet our customers’ needs. Our commitment to quality is integrated into every aspect of our company, from R&D and design - taking into account the properties of the materials for our customer’s design, for its operating conditions - through manufacturing, test and delivery.

You will find below some of the tests we offer in-house to our customers, per MIL-STD-883, JESD9, H/K class testing per MIL-PRF-38534:

Among our metrology systems, you will find at the Egide group:
    • Inspection Microscopes, with up to 40X magnification
    • Keyence 2D Optical inspections
    • 3D multisensor measurement system
    • Profilometers for surface finish measurement (roughness)

Quality compliance & processes

Through the years, we have been building reliable management & organization, allowing us to guarantee the control of our manufacturing processes.

The ISO9001 :2015 certification for our European and USA sites plus AS9100D at the USA sites, demonstrates our ability to transform and adapt to ensure we’re always meeting the highest of quality standards. You can find our certifications here.

Egide commits to:

    • Regularly evaluating the efficiency of our processes based on established objectives
    • Continuously improving our processes, capabilities, and our organization.

Some of our current processes include (but are not limited to):

    • Purchasing and suppliers’ evaluation
    • Process monitoring
    • Operators’ training
    • Incoming inspection of all components needed for the manufacturing of our packages
    • Inspection of our parts during the manufacturing flow
    • Finished goods inspection, traceability & documentation
    • Certification of QC compliance