Sealing, Soldering and brazing Solutions


Achieving a robust hermetic seal and interconnection in electronic packaging requires a precision process and expertise in design. Factors such as material set, operational requirements and configuration must be considered to achieve optimal performance.

Egide’s core competencies of package design and hermetic sealing is second to none. Egide offers various brazing, sealing and soldering technologies such as:

Brazing (>450°C): Cu, CuAu, Ag, CuAg

Glass Sealing: Matched (7070/7052), Compression

Soldering (<450°C): AuSn, SAC Alloys, Tin Lead Alloys

Ceramic: High Temperature Cofired Ceramic (Al2O3), Co-Axial Ceramic

From joining of specialty metals to glass sealing of complex machined housings, let Egide’s knowhow assist you in your next project.