General overview


Egide provides Microelectronic Hermetic Packaging to the world’s most demanding applications. Since 1986 we have supplied products to a broad range of customers that encompass Military/Space, Telecommunications, and everyday industrial uses. No application is too specialized and no customer too small for Egide to help solve your unique packaging needs. Our Engineering Team along with our superb Customer Service are available to solve your toughest design challenges. A fully integrated facility, allows our team to solve your problems.

Our custom or standard hermetic products are used to protect vulnerable electronics and other circuitry from the effects of change in environmental conditions. Egide has built a team of dedicated professionals whose job is to solve your hermetic package issues. Our world-class manufacturing facilities, located in Europe and North Americas enable us to make industry standard Glass-To-Metal-Seal (GTMS) and Ceramic-To-Metal-Seal (CTMS) packages (Flatpacks, Plug-ins, Platforms, TO’s, ETC.) as well as more complex hermetically sealed microelectronic package assemblies.

Egide manufactures High Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (HTCC) packages in its Bollene, France facility, as well as its Cambridge, Maryland location. Our ceramic packages are designed with and for the customer in mind. Our Innovative designs and processes enable production of a highly reliable product that meets the most demanding requirements, but most of all we meet YOURS, the customers’ requirements.

There are several imitators of Egide, but there is only one true Egide Group who can and will work with you to solve your needs, at a competitive price, in a timely fashion and with unparalleled Customer Service.