Key dates


2018: A new management team. Strategy shift to accelerate market diversification, industrial transformation and innovation.

2017: Acquisition of the assets of the American company TMS LLC (or Thermal Management Solutions), dba SANTIER, located in San Diego, California, USA, and specializing in the design of heat dissipation solutions for sensitive electronic components, mainly for the US military market. 

2014: The Group rolls out an ambitious strategy centered upon its core businesses of hermetic packages for critical applications. Modification in corporate governance separating the functions of Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer.

2013: The UK subsidiary Egide UK and the Moroccan subsidiary Egima are sold.

2010: Emergence from crisis with strong growth in infrared technology markets and significant recovery of the fiber optics telecommunications market.

2009: Global economic (subprime) crisis has an impact on all the company’s markets and requiring the reorganization of the Group's industrial structure. Egima, the Moroccan subsidiary discontinues operations.

2005: Pursuit of diversification to balance sales across the company's different markets.

2002: Acquisition of the principal assets of the British company Europlus through the Egide UK subsidiary created for this purpose. Europlus brings metal injection molding (MIM) technology, involving special alloys, necessary for the competitiveness of components, particularly in telecommunications. Opening of the subsidiary Egima’s factory in Morocco, designed for high-volume, low cost production, targeting new commercial markets.

2001: Burst of the Internet bubble, which will have a direct impact on company sales (with the telecommunications sector at that time accounting for 95% of total revenue).

2000: Egide acquires the American packaging manufacturer, Airpax-Electronic Packaging Products (EPP), renamed Egide USA, ensuring a market presence in the United States. Egide creates a subsidiary in Morocco.

1999: Egide is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange.

1994: Egide enters the telecommunications market (optical transmissions), which will provide the impetus for its accelerated expansion in 1998.

1992: Egide acquires the "encapsulation" operations of Xéram, at that time a subsidiary of the Pechiney group that developed a ceramic-to-metal sealing activity. Egide becomes the only European High Temperature Cofired Ceramic (HTCC) specialist, enabling it to develop "intelligent" packages.

1986: Created in response to French defense industry needs for hermetic packaging for sensitive components, Egide specializes in glass-to-metal seals.