Our management


Members of the executive management team are either engineers or established academics, combining technical expertise with management skills:

James F. COLLINS - Chairman & CEO - Has a Bachelors of Science (ceramic engineering) from Rutgers University, New Jersey (United States). He began his career as a Process Engineer at General Refractories in the Chicago, Illinois area, serving the steel industry. In 1983 he left this position to join Coors Ceramics Company in Golden, Colorado, where over 14 years, he held various engineering and management positions, primarily in the Electronic Ceramics industry. In 1996, he joined a division of Phillips Electronics (Cambridge, MD) where he would occupy different management positions. This division was subsequently sold to create Electronic Packaging Products which in December 2000, would become Egide USA Inc. for which he was appointed chief operating officer and vice president. In September 2014, he was appointed chief executive officer of Egide SA.

Philippe LUSSIEZ - Deputy CEO  - CFO - Holds an advanced degree in accounting. After joining Egide group in 1992 as accounting manager for the Bollène site, he was then named group controller responsible for financial reporting when the company was listed on the stock exchange. Since July 1, 2006, he has exercised the functions of chief financial officer, and since October 2013, chief administrative and financial officer of the Group. In September 2014, he was also appointed as deputy chief executive officer of Bob SA.

Fatiha GAYE - Director Quality - Has a Masters degree in mechanical engineering and a DESS (“Diplôme d’études supérieures spécialisées”) graduate degree in business management. After working as a production quality engineer in the medical sector, and a purchasing quality engineer for a major automotive parts manufacturer, in September 2008 she joined Egide as the manager in charge of supplier quality and in 2014, product quality. In June 2015, she was appointed to head up the quality, environment and customer satisfaction department, replacing Frédéric Dispérati, called upon to exercise other functions within the company.

Gérald CHRETIEN - Director Marketing - Engineer degree from ISEP (Institut Supérieur d’Electronique de Paris), he began his career as a hardware engineer, first at CEA then for Philips TRT and Thomson LTT. In 1984, he joined FORT Fibres Optiques where he created the Transmission department. In 1986, he first joined Alcatel as Manager of the optoelectronic laboratory before taking part in the creation of Alcatel Optronics as Product Manager then becoming its Director of Marketing in 2000. He joined Avanex France in 2002 as Director of Marketing & product Strategy before being appointed in 2004, manager site for HighWave. In 2006, he co-founded Vectrawave and provides the head of Operations and Quality. Since October 2015, he is the head of the Marketing Department of the Egide Group.

Kevin COTNER - Vice President of North American Sales  - Interim General Manager for the San Diego Facility (CA). Has the responsibility for the management of sales of the Egide group products in North America. Mr. COTNER has a long history in Santier (part of Egide group since 2017) where he held executive management responsibilities. More recently, he was the Business Development Director of Egide Group.

Vincent COURTY - Vice President of Worldwide sales - Graduate Electronics Engineer - ESME Sudria. He began his career in 1990 as EMEA Sales and Marketing Engineer at Thales Electron Devices, subsidiary of Thales, before being appointed in 1995 Worldwide Sales and Marketing Director of Thales CEPE, manufacturer of high stability crystal components and sub-systems (since acquired by C-MAC). In 2000, he joined Keithley Instruments, an American manufacturer, leader in Electrical Test and Measurement equipment for High-Tech industries, as General Manager South Europe. In 2009, he became Managing Director of Acal BFI France, subsidiary of DiscoverIE Group plc (UK), specialist distributor of electronics and photonics solutions.

Eric DELMAS- General Manager for the Bollène Facility - MBA + Engineering degree at INSA/ENSEEIHT/UPS in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Image and Voice Recognition. He began his career in 1994 as a Marketing Engineer for discrete semiconductor components at Motorola in Toulouse (France). In 1999, he joined Texas Instruments for a distinguished career, first in Nice (France) as GSM/GPRS/EDGE Chipset Business Development Manager for the 2.5G cellular phone market. After being appointed Director for the 3G Japan Business Development and Marketing in 2005 in Tokyo (Japan), he became Business Development Director in Munich (Germany) in 2007 then Systems & Marketing Director for ASSPs in 2009 (still in Munich) before being appointed in 2011 General Manager - Battery Management division in Dallas (TX - USA). He joined Egide in February 2018 as General Manager for the Bollène Facility, also in charge for marketing and 
R & D in France.

Frédéric DISPERATI - Director of Technology & Innovation Bollène Facility - Is a materials science engineer. On joining Egide in 1990, he was responsible for the development of aluminum products, then served as product manager in the engineering department before spending a year and a half in the technical support division at the Egide USA subsidiary. On his return in March 2003, he was appointed as the chief quality officer of Egide SA. His responsibilities were subsequently expanded to cover the environment and customer satisfaction. Following the internal reorganization in June 2015, he became head of the technical department of the Bollène site, replacing Didier Martin called upon to assume other functions within the company.

Ignace DUPON - Director Sales APAC Area - Graduated as a Civil engineer in electronics from the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. He started his career as head of production at Atlas Copco in 1990. The year after, he joined Alcatel Bell Telephone before spending 5 years at Alcatel Optronics as Advanced Procurement and Sourcing Manager. He joined Highwave Optical Technologies in 2000 as head of Business Development and in 2003 he became Director of Sales and Marketing at Keopsys. Since 2006, he has been Sales Director for Intexys Photonics. He joined Egide's sales team in 2006 as business development manager. He was then appointed as head of the Asia-Pacific region. In November 2014, he was appointed to head up the Group's sales department, a position previously occupied by Didier Martin.

Gérard GUILOINEAU - Director Purchasing - Has a degree as an advanced engineering department technician. After beginning his career with Dassault Electronique, he joined the purchasing department of Egide SA in 1993, after which he became the Group's chief procurement officer in June 2015, a position previously occupied by Wladimir Muffato. 

Didier MARTIN - Director Purchasing for Egide Group - Holds an engineering degree from the Ecole Nationale de Physique et de Chimie in Caen. He possesses considerable experience in the field of semiconductor manufacturing. His profile is as a line manager well-accustomed to the constraints imposed by manufacturing requirements. After serving as production manager, first for the Trappes site, and then Egide SA, he then became head of the sales, technical and R&D department. Following an internal reorganization in June 2015, he became head of the industrial department for the Bollène site, replacing Wladimir Muffato, called upon to exercise other functions within the company. In February 2018, he is appointed Director of Procurement for the Egide Group. 

Wladimir MUFFATO - Director of Industrial Processing- Is a graduate of ENSCI ceramics engineering school (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Céramique Industrielle) of Limoges. Since 1994, Egide has benefited from his experience in the domain of electronic ceramic components. He became the Bollène plant manager in January 2003. Following an internal reorganization, he became head of a new department, "Group ceramic components" in June 2015.

John TRADER - Executive Deputy General Manager for Egide USA  - His career began with the US Marine Corps. During his enlistment (1977 to 1981), he was trained as an Electronic Technician completing A & B Schools, specializing in F4/TA4 aircrafts. In 1981, upon honorable discharge, he joined Cambridge Scientific Industries as a repair technician. He was promoted to production supervisor in 1985 and factory manager in 2000. In 2003, he was promoted to operations manager until the factory closed in 2006. He then joined Egide USA as chief industrial officer, a position he has occupied until being appointed deputy chief executive manager of the company in 2014.