Thermal imaging


Today the thermal imaging market stretches from cryogenically cooled detectors used for high-end military and space applications down through to sophisticated ‘uncooled’ detectors used for security, military, industrial, automotive and medical applications.

Egide customs designs and manufactures packages for the thermal imaging  market based upon its proven, reliable HTCC (High Temperature Co-fired Ceramic) technology. All of our ceramic is manufactured in-house from basic inks and powders up to the finished multi-layered product with gold plated tracks and tungsten filled vias.

Egide is a European Leader with an international dimension. Working with our world class design team ensures you to access to our significant experience (more than 25 years) and know-how in both cooled and uncooled markets.

Egide governs the components and the design ensuring, tight dimensional control, problem-free integration and answering your major concerns of quality and reliability. Glass sealed packages are also available.Our packages are tested for hermeticity to 10-10 cm3/s atm and the high temperature process reduces critical pumping time. The assembled parts can be plated with electrolytic or electroless nickel and electrolytic or electroless gold.

We can even plate copper tracks on our ceramic for high power applications.We can offer you much more than just the basic package adding TEC, getter, copper pinch-off tube, window holder and envelope as required so that you receive a more complete component and save your own production space for more lucrative business.

Come to Egide with your ideas and objectives and we’ll help you see red.