Egide boosts its innovation with Heatpack European project

Reducing the size (and weight) and increasing the power capabilities of the ICs onboard are constant care-abouts for engineers when designing a satellite. Packages need to support increased strength of the signal (higher frequency of the signal) and to dissipate a lot of heat as the power density, for instance for GaN components, increases.

Egide has been invited to participate to the Heatpack project for both the RF and LF packages in order to solve this complex equation and to develop the next generation of low thermal resistance packages. Egide engineers are excited to participate in this project with the Heatpack partners and to bring innovative solutions together! Egide is developing these 2 packages using state-of-the-art diamond-based composite materials for an improved thermal interface management, validating along the way a new plating process for improving the hermeticity (better RGA testing), thinner & thinner leadframes for improving the RF transition in high frequency bands and for connecting precisely ICs to the package, better metal alloys to be used for brazing elements to the package.

Heatpack is a great project to showcase Egide's very special set of skills and its detailed knowledge in multiple areas such as assembly by brazing, plating, chemistry, mechanic, electronics, RF modeling and HTCC ceramics (High Temperature Cofired Ceramic, produced by Egide) for this particular satellite application with our partners especially Thales. Thanks to this unique know-how on the protection of ICs from thermal, magnetic and atmospheric environments , Egide contributes to Europe's autonomy in its supply chain for high quality hermetic solutions for sensitive aerospace components and to the competitiveness of European suppliers in these very challenging application areas.

As many if not all industries are increasing the power density on their applications and as they are facing similar challenges like a need for a better power dissipation, better RF performances, in smaller size, Egide aims at applying these honed skills to better help our customers, for applications ranging from optoelectronics to sensors.