Industrial / Energy


Egide supports various standard hermetically sealed, low cost platforms for the industrial base for both Low and High Pressures. We supply standard TO, Dual In line, Plug Ins and Flat Packs as well as more complex designs for the Energy market in places such as oil and gas exploration.

Egide's various Ceramic-To-Metal-Seal (CTMS) and Glass-To-Metal Seal (GTMS) packages are widely used in Control and Sensor values for plant automation, analyzing and measuring equipment, as well RF applications to list a few.

Egide supports various Energy markets in particular the Down Hole oil field industry where sensitive electronic devices are used.

Our rugged CTMS and GTMS Hermetic Packages protect the sensors and allow for a smooth transmission of the Data to the well surface.

Egide supports products in the MWD and LWD applications as well as Pressure Transducers.